This company all started with one third-year business student who began doing charitable marketing jobs for small local companies; by offering to advertise and grow their businesses using social media for free. Upon doing a spectacular job, more and more small-to-medium sized companies began requesting his services. This student was so overwhelmed with clients, that he began calling upon the help of other University of British Columbia students. At first, these students worked for free, but like all of us we have bills to pay, and decided to begin charging for our services.
After spending days trying to determine the best price possible to offer our future clients, we were shocked to learn how incredibly high the average marketing rates in Vancouver were ($1000-2000/mo). Therefore, we decided to become the first and most affordable student-driven marketing firm in all of Vancouver, Canada. Proceeds from your support go towards maintaing and growing this marketing firm; which is dedicated to helping local businesses flourish in this fast-paced and technologically overwhelming world.