Refund & Purchase Agreement

The client-purchaser agrees to the following terms for all paid packages

1. Custom designed photo posts include 8 unique posts per month (Gold Package), or 16 unique posts per month (Platinum Package).

2. Due to the dynamic nature of social media platforms, we cannot force any new followers to remain following your account or interact with your account after following; so in an effort to remain as transparent with our clients as possible, we remind you that unfollowing does occur (in the same way people choose to "unfriend" someone from Facebook, or "block" someone from Snapchat).
3. If a client selectively removes or blocks their own followers, this is in direct violation of our agreement and may result a termination of service. We just don't want to spend a month gathering a large following, for you to block or remove half of them. 😅

4. will not issue full-refunds or partial-refunds for any month-to-month package if a client cancels or suspends service after the first post.